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    Default American Idol Contestant Brutally Beaten By Gang Of Girls

    Administrators at Brooklyn Academy High School in Bedford-Stuyvesant canceled Friday's talent show in the wake of a all-girl gang assault on one of the student contestants, PIX 11 has learned.

    According to authorities, 17-year-old Shacara McLaurin was brutally attacked by at least five other students on April 1st, one of them hitting her in the face with a padlock wrapped in a sock.

    "Yo, b--ch, I got a lock," one of the teen suspects allegedly shouted, as she pummeled McLaurin with the weapon.

    "I wasn't able to open my jaw. I wasn't able to talk. I wasn't able to sing," the victim told the New York Daily News.

    One of McLaurin's fellow classmates, Jacky Alcine, told PIX 11 he had heard McLaurin rehearse for the talent show and knew she was a favorite to win.

    "She has a great voice," he said. "It fills the room."

    Some students said they heard a rumor that the attack may have been prompted by a dispute about a boy.

    Police say the assault took place outside the home of McLauren's vocal coach on Halsey Street, several blocks from the school.

    According to published reports, McLaurin received a warning on Facebook, the night before the beating.

    One teacher who runs a GED course in the same building as Brooklyn Academy said the attack was terrible.

    "They should be supporting each other in developing their talents," teacher, Nicole Graves, told PIX 11. "This is a disturbing example of how some young people behave today."

    Police from the 79th Precinct have arrested five female students in the last two weeks in connection with the attack. Aaliyah Smith, 17, is believed to be the gang's ringleader.

    The other students arrested are identified as Decory Fletcher, 16, Ashanti Garner, 17, Brittany Williams, 17, and Chazmia Morrison, 17. All of the students were released without bail.

    McLaurin loves singing so much that she once auditioned for the "American Idol" TV show. Fellow students at Brooklyn Academy say they haven't seen her since the assault.
    Talent Show Attack: 5 Teens Charged In Brutal Attack Of Talent Show Rival Shacara McLaurin - WPIX
    If they made a gallows and hung the girls while all the children at that school watched in horror it would end a lot of these gang attacks. I have the rope and wood needed.

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    Default Re: American Idol Contestant Brutally Beaten By Gang Of Girls

    Bring on the banning of all locks as they are now considered a "dangerous weapon". We can all tolerate the increase in burglary and thefts so that we can all sleep better at night knowing that no-one will be beaten with locks...

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    Default Re: American Idol Contestant Brutally Beaten By Gang Of Girls

    Hey ken...I have the hammer and nails!

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