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    Default Earn some nice big bucks posting a gab

    Ok guys, if you've ever looked at our main pages you'll notice that Newsgab is not just about celebs and boobies; we actually carry some good news content to!

    Newsgab is about normal folks like us, posting their thoughts on the latest news, in a number of different catergories, as it happens.

    Being honest; getting new people on board over the last year has been pretty difficult so we are kicking off a new drive to build a team of editors who can help us grow Newsgab in this area.

    Our forums are pretty busy but it's the news posts on our main pages (which will also be syndicated to our forums) that attract the most new visitors to our site.

    If you a creative writer who likes to write good, original content and fancy winning a cash prize whilst helping us grown and maintain the content on our site then please read on.

    To Start with you need to apply to join our 'bloggers group'.

    You can do this by going to your user control panel and scrolling down to the group membership option (please see pic for an indication of where this option is).

    I'm looking to recruit 10 - 20 bloggers initially who can help us contribute the latest news in a number of catergories in a way that the average net user like us can appreciate .

    To make things a little more interesting, we are going to run a blogging competition this month to help get things kicked off.

    The best blogs posted from the date we go live with this competition will be up for cash prizes!

    First Prize : $100

    Second Prize : $75

    Third Prize $50

    (all amounts in USD)To Qualify for a 'top blog' you need to post three (3) entries in a 30 day period.

    More then one of your posts can qualify (so you could submit three of your top posts and win the top three prizes = £225!)

    To qualify for a prize, you will be invited to submit (what you consider to be your) best Blog entry/entries at the end of the 30 day period. after the go live date.

    Your entry will be voted on by our members. The votes will be based on things such as:

    Best content

    Breaking News

    Unique pics

    Most Comments

    Highest Rating etc.

    We use Wordpress as our blogging package so if you have experience using the Wordpress Blogging software then let us know as it may work as a big advantage

    To begin with we are extending the invitaion to members with contriobuting member status and upwards.

    New Members wishing to participate will be considered once our contrinbuting and full members have been given an opportunity to join at this early stage.

    If you want to help grow our site, whilst having the opportunity to win a little cash then request access to the new group today.

    Once you have been accepted to the group you will be granted access to a new bloggers forum where more instructions will be given and any more specific questions can be answered. You will retain all exsisting forum permissions.

    Examples of the kind of content we are looking for include Gaming News , Tech News , Celebrity News etc (please click on the links for examples) It's fare to say that any of the categores on our main pages can be reported on though!

    Any questions then please post in here.

    Prizes will be paid to the winners via paypal. Amazon vouchers or similar can also be organised for the winning blogger if preferred.



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