Hi Guys, when using this forum to request pictures, please note the following.

When Requesting Pictures:

  1. You need to have Contributing Member status or above to request pictures in here. If you are new to Newsgab and your status has yet to mature please wait a little while before requesting images. (Hint: Finding pictures which have not been located and posting them will likely gain you reps which will help you progress through the ranks quicker). Any junior members found requesting images by replying to a more senior members post will have their post removed and may be infracted.
  2. Like elsewhere across our site please use descriptive titles to help us easily identify what your looking for when viewing the list of threads within the forum. Many of our members have extremely extensive collections and the use of descriptive titles will increase the chances of your request being viewed.
  3. The limit for open requests is 5 per member per month - Please do not exceed 5 open requests during a 30 day period. A request is considered open when it is not resolved. Please refrain from posting additional requests during this period. If you have 5 unresolved requests outstanding you may make additional requests 30 days after the your first request was made.

If you have found the picture:

  1. Please start by posting the picture in the correct forum. If the picture has already been posted and you have located the thread in question, please proceed to the next step.
  2. Reply to the request and post a link within the original request thread to enable the requestor to easily find the thread.

Points to note

Most of our members also have real lives outside of the virtual walls of the Newsgab community so please be patient when making a request.

If you are the requestor of a picture and it is found for you please remember to rep the member finding the post as appropriate.

Only request pictures which will abide by our forum rules. If the image can't be posted on a public forum then please do not request it.

If you are a requestor of a picture and then find the picture has already been posted, please respond to your original thread to advise that the request is no longer outstanding.

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