The Legacy of Holy Castle was very nice game to play from the start there was a novice quest which guid you about the game and earn some rewards by accomplish them. Afterwards you will be under protection in 4 days untill you reach the area of castle 60 which have an extention of 4 days protection means you will not be attack by other player vice versa.
Battle strategies, heroes abilities, castle developments, challenging heroes are just some of the tactics you need to be at the top of the reign!The Legacy of Holy Castle(TLOHC) brings you through a time of warring states in this ONrpg.Before you step into battles, novice quests give you a brief but comprehensive tour into the game. Build castles, defenses, make armours, weapons to occupy opponents. Customize your own battle formation to out pit your rivals.Select your choice of armies, ranging from archers, pikemen, cavalry to divine archer, imperial guard, griffin knight! Want to know more about your opponents before launching an attack? Allow scouts to do the work for you. Training, learning new skills brings out the strongest hero. Hire heroes to help you complete missions and assist you in battles.Not to forget, the Daily Zodiac keeps you wanting to log on everyday to claim your rewards!Last but not least, breaking the NPCs defenses give you a pleasant surprise!

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