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    Default your favorite Flash games ?

    I really Like playing Pc games and online small games,
    So want to know more games..

    So please share which is your favorite Flash Game, By this thread I am able to know many flash games soon...

    Its all up to you friends... whether you like to share it or not... :(

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    Default Re: your favorite Flash games ?

    I'm not really a flash game player but have dabbled a bit in the past. I usually found online flash games subject to too much delay which is frustrating and thus makes the game unenjoyable. Of course that could be due to my PC/bandwidth limitations at that time. Whenever I could, I would download the game and play standalone. This included poker/betting type games and some of the Japanese type sim games.

    When I last looked there was an absolute plethora of flash game sites out there, each with specialised genres for your greater enjoyment, even adult specific.

    Which games have you/are you playing? Might be interesting to provide some feedback here of your experiences and preferences.

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