NEW YORK (AP)—The manager for Jenn Sterger says it’s likely she will meetwith the NFL by the end of next week about the league’s investigation intowhether Brett Favre(notes) sent her inappropriate text messages and lewd photos.

Sterger’s manager Phil Reese said Saturday nothing definite is set, though ameeting “is likely, but wouldn’t be before the end of next week.”

Sterger is the former New York Jets sideline hostess who, according to areport from the website Deadspin, allegedly was sent the text messages andphotos by Favre when he was with the Jets in 2008.

The Vikings quarterback met with NFL vice president for security MiltAhlerich on Oct. 19 about the matter. Favre has called the investigation “aleague issue.”

On the field, Favre is also dealing with two ankle fractures that could keephim out of Sunday’s game against the Patriots.

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Source : Yahoo Sports

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