• Olympics chiefs have paid 'over the odds' to meet targets that were 'written on the back of envelopes'

By Stephen Wright and Daniel Bates
PUBLISHED: 17:46 EST, 1 April 2012 | UPDATED: 03:20 EST, 2 April 2012
Admission: Stephen Frost said some of the targets were 'written on the back of envelopes'

Olympics chiefs have paid over the odds for contracts in order to meet self-imposed diversity targets, a senior official has admitted.
Stephen Frost, head of inclusion at this summer’s Olympics, confessed that some targets were ‘written on the back of an envelope’ – but stressed that they had to be honoured.
The comments are likely to infuriate those angry about the cost of attending the Games.
They may also concern MPs, who last month expressed fears that the London Olympics will go way over its current budget of £9.3billion.

The predicted cost of the Games when London won the bid in 2005 was £2.37billion.

Addressing a diversity conference in Toronto, Mr Frost – formerly of gay equality organisation Stonewall – cited an Olympic ‘volunteer selection centre’ as an example of officials shunning the cheapest option.
He said the successful bidder was a ‘little more expensive’ but had ‘guaranteed to do all the work we needed to make the venue more accessible’.

Mr Frost said: ‘All this stuff we’d said in 2005 to get the Games .

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