What You Need To Do: please read the FAQ (Newsgab - FAQ) before doing anything as it has all the sites dos and do nots on it as well as a list of images that cannot be posted to NG. The "internet models" ban goes for any and all amateurs, porn stars or any other female who has not appeared on a TV show or movie (legitimate public theater release). IMDB.com is a great place to check out a candidate and see if they have done anything that would allow them to be posted.

What You need to Know: First, there are a few basic things to keep in mind. Hotlinking images or sites is not allowed. Posting spam of any kind will result in an automatic ban. Finally asking for rep points will actually make you lose them because to the older members, mods, and admins this shows that you are demanding access to the site and is seen as rude.

Secondly, NG is first and foremost a news site and as such we like to encourage members to post in other sections such as the current events, games, jokes, movies, whatever. Posting in these sections will earn you rep points faster and in turn give you access to the whole site quicker. For more information on this see the topic discussing rep points: http://www.newsgab.com/forum/how-hel...lose-them.html

Finally, We allow some leniency for newbs here so you won't start getting negative rep for mistakes at first, except for hotlinking images, spam, and asking for rep, but continually not following the rules will earn you negative rep and put you in the mods cross hairs which is someplace you don't want to be. Generally people allow 2 - 3 times of the same screw up before giving out negative rep and when they see these mistakes most members will tell you what you did wrong and how to correct it. So making the mistake multiple times shouldn't happen.