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    Default Would you trust Phil Mickelson this much? ()

    Would you trust Phil Mickelson this much? (Fun video by @guy_yocom1.)

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      Default Re: Would you trust Phil Mickelson this much? ()

      Um :hmmmm:....NO! :nonono:...I would NOT!

      No one is perfect 100% of the time...he could hit that shot 999 times out of 1000 and it would only take that 1 missed hit to put you in a permanent coma or maybe even a coffin :-S

      There's just no way to get 'out of the way' in time if it goes wrong :what:

      There are some things that ARE definitely worth risking your life or your functionality for...but getting a good photograph?...NOT one of those things! :nonono:

      Benefit vs. risk is just not in balance in my opinion!

      I just post what looks interesting as I'm wandering around the 'net. Credit always to the original scanner(s), capper(s), and or poster(s) of the content that I might put up here

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