Vigil Games which was apart of THQ went up for auction along with all the other THQ studios and assets. While most developers have been bought up, Vigil Games was not able to find a buyer and it now must shut down.
"We've all been on edge for the past couple months... and more so, the last couple weeks," said Vigil Games Lead Combat Designer Ben Cureton in an open letter. "I mean, I'm sure you can imagine what it's like to wonder if you will have a job tomorrow. Most of us here joked about it just to keep the mood light, but we all knew what could happen. Now I look around and I realize... it did happen."
"Vigil was filled with people that I would put up against the best in the industry," Cureton added. "People that made my work better, people that made me a better designer, and people that made me a better person. And now they are gone."
"So don't cry for the people at Vigil," he continued. "We made games for game players. I have no Horror stories from working here... only Honor stories. Through both praise and critiques alike, our goal was always to make a product as if we, ourselves, were the end-user."
"I can only hope that those spared from the other companies remain employed long into the future. There is not much worse than false hope, and these people deserve to continue making great games."
Studios that were purchased include Relic which was purchased by Sega, and Volition who was purchased by Koch Media. Crytek also agreed to purchase the Homefront franchise and is currently developing a sequel. Take Two agreed to purchase Evolve and Ubisoft purchase THQ Montreal and Obsidian's South Park.


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