Those looking for an excuse to carry some zombie-blastin' action around in their pocket will be in luck come late November.

Despite the fact that people regularly claim to be sick of zombie games, we still seem to have an awful lot of them. The popularity of games such as Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty's Zombies mode suggests that there's still a market for some blasting of the undead, so one more little game can't hurt, surely?

Nexon is bringing an adaptation of its free to play shooter Combat Arms to iOS. The Unreal Engine powered Combat Arms: Zombies is an adaptation of its PC big brother's Fireteam mode, tasking players with holding out against wave after wave of the undead using a variety of death-inflicting modern weaponry. Nexon hopes to keep the game fresh with regular content updates, and anticipates that eventually the iOS title will rival the PC version in terms of volume of content.

"Using Epic Games' cutting edge Unreal Engine technology, Combat Arms: Zombies will set a new standard for graphics and quality gameplay on mobile devices," said Nexon Mobile CEO, Albert Rim. "Combat Arms: Zombies has been a major effort for us and it will help establish Nexon Mobile as a top developer of multi-platform games."

Combat Arms: Zombies is out in late November for an as yet undisclosed price. The game will be on show for the first time at South Korean gaming expo G-Star 11 on November 10, at which attendees will be able to go hands-on with both the iPad and iPhone versions of the game.


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