Apparently it's "retro day" today. inXile Entertainment and Konami have confirmed that Choplifter HD will be with us by the end of the year.

Computer! Game Of The Year!

What's with all the nostalgia today? First the BBC Micro turns 30, then some enterprising young rapscallion comes up with a way to make four floppy drives sing and now Choplifter's coming back?

Yes indeed, the '80s hostage-grabbing Apple II hit -- one of the few games to be born on home computer and then make the jump to the arcades rather than the other way around -- is making a grand comeback thanks to developer inXile Entertainment. inXile has previously worked on a diverse array of titles including the 2004 remake of Bard's Tale (itself returning soon) and the more recent Hunted: The Demon's Forge.

Choplifter HD builds on the original by adding a variety of missions above and beyond its simple hostage-rescuing gameplay. Players have a selection of helicopters to take command of, each with different offensive capabilities. Ominously, a "very vocal" (read: annoying?) copilot is promised. Also, there will be zombies, unsurprisingly, proving that even classic games aren't spared by the zombie outbreak that periodically infects the entire gaming industry.

Konami will be publishing Choplifter HD, and it will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and PC next month for an as-yet unannounced price. Find out more here.

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