I am getting sick of the British press as a whole creating discord and disharmony with our natiional sports teams.

We have just started our 2012 European football qualification, got a great result on Friday against Bulgaria and now we come up against what will possibly be our biggest test on Wednesday against Switzerland the front pages of the Sunday rags are full of Wayne Rooney paying for a prostitute, now i know that this is morally wrong as his wife was pregnant at the time, but she is obviously already aware so why do they have to splash this across the papers.

The press did the same thing just before the world cup with John Terry, What does whether he or Rooney is up to no good effect how the team performs? but by makinjg it big news they can distract them when they need to concentrate.

i watched an interview with another England player today and more than half of it was taken up with questions about these relevations as opposed to how the team is going etc. James Milner the guy in questin kept trying to get things back on track but was clearly struggling with it.

It seriously makes me wonder exactly who's side our press is on, if we actually win anything they want everyone involved to be raised to some godlike level but in the next breath they are tearing them down.

Journalists of Britain show some support for your Country!!

Dont know if this is the same in other Countries?

ok rant over...COME ON ENGLAND

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