25 May 2012 Last updated at 09:19 GMT
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Fifa president Sepp Blatter has asked Bayern Munich honorary president Franz Beckenbauer to come up with an alternative to the "tragedy" of penalty shoot-outs.
Beckenbauer is head of the Football Task Force 2014, a group designed to recommend rule changes.
"Football can be a tragedy when you go to penalty kicks," Blatter said.
"Football should not go to one to one, when it goes to penalty kicks football loses its essence."
He added: "Perhaps Franz Beckenbauer with his football 2014 group can show us a solution, perhaps not today but in the future."
The Champions League final was decided on penalties this season , with Chelsea winning after Bayern Munich dominated the game. It was the 10th time that the European Cup final has gone to a shoot-out.
Zambia also won a major cup in a penalty shoot-out this season, beating Ivory Coast for the Africa Cup of Nations .
The World Cup final has twice been decided on penalties, with Brazil beating Italy in 1994 and Italy seeing off France in 2006.
More to follow.
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Article Source : BBC News

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