An elderly motorist was killed in a freak road accident after she was hit by the severed head of a deer that was hit by another car.

Rosemary Bower, 70, died after a deer's head plunged through her windshield, causing her car to careen off the road in rural Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania.

Police said the deer had become airborne after being hit by another car traveling in front of her.

The impact sent the deer hurtling over a car driven by Rocco Ford and Scott Elgoff.

It landed on her vehicle and the impact caused the deer to be cut in half with the head and shoulders hurtling through 70 year old Bower's windshield.

Mrs Bower's car continued driving until it ran off the road into a ditch in rural Reynoldsville.

Police said the other two drivers involved in the death crash will not face any charges.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there are about 1.5 million car accidents with deer each year that result in $1billion in vehicle damage.

Latest figures show that each year more than 100 people are killed with 10,000 injured after collisions with deer.

Pennsylvania top the list of states with the greatest number of deer accident closely followed by Michigan and Illinois.

Elderly driver, 70, killed in car crash after severed deer head flies through her windscreen | Mail Online
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